2022 Midterm Elections

Your vote matters for the world.

US Capitol Building

Elections matter. Creating change — from ending hunger to empowering women and girls — starts with electing leaders who will champion these issues both in the United States and globally.

The world faces unprecedented challenges. Poverty is rising, social injustice is growing, and the COVID-19 pandemic is dragging on. We each have a responsibility to speak up and elevate these issues to the level of attention they demand. The world is looking to the U.S. for meaningful leadership towards a more just and equal future for all.

That is why it is so important to vote. Together, we can elect Congressional champions who support U.S. actions that benefit current and future generations and create the world we want to see.

Why Your Vote Matters

The stakes are high and critically important as we near the 2022 Midterm Elections:

  • Compared to a decade ago, there are more humanitarian crises, impacting the lives of more people, across the globe. Today, 274 million people need humanitarian assistance.
  • Women and girls are undervalued, underpaid, and underrepresented in leadership around the world. As a result, 150 million more women are hungry than men, violence against women persists, and half of women’s $3 trillion contributions to global health work are unrecognized. Maybe use the stat about how COVID has taken women’s rights back 30 years?
  • We are facing the worst global hunger crisis the world has ever seen, and we may just be at the very start, with things getting worse for years to come.
  • 150 million more people are expected to fall into poverty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make a Voter Plan

Whether you plan to vote by mail or in-person, it’s important to be educated, responsible, and safe while practicing your right to vote. Visit the below resources to check your voter registration, where to vote, and who the candidates are.

Check Your Voter Registration

Find Your Polling Place

Track Your Candidates

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